UCL Social Data Institute
Branding a world leader in social data

The Social Data Institute is a new group within UCL and amplifies UCL’s advanced research and teaching methods in social data science. The Institute is a globally recognised leader in data science within Social & Historical Sciences. It draws strength from the breadth of expertise across UCL, uniquely placing it at the centre of both the practical and ethical challenges that come with the innovative uses of data to understand society.

The Social Data Institute approached So on the recommendation of other UCL faculties where we've collaborated on a range of different projects. Our brief was to create a new brand identity, and provide a visual platform which interprets the ground-breaking work of the institute.

The new identity is promoting the group across all their digital and print communications, and giving them a vibrant and recognisable voice globally.


  • Image creation|
  • Photography|
  • Brand identity|
  • Visual identity platform|
  • Identity communication assets|
  • Animated assets
A stylised image of people standing on a grid with a strong sense of perspective. The background is a gradient from vibrant blue to pink.
The new vibrant imagery shown on the Social Data Institute website
The branded imagery shown standing out on a social media feed
Vibrant imagery shown on an ID badge, and printed on a white tshirt
Branded tote bag and door number sign