The Bath Distillery
Giving a mischievous distillery global appeal

In a small Georgian street in Bath, stands the home of Bath Gin, a small distillery with big ideas for growth. Our brief was to transform a provincial Bath Gin brand into a recognised distillery brand which would have wider appeal and take a broader range of premium distillery products to a national market.

We built the new Bath Distillery brand around the mischievous Virginia Gin Austin, sister to the famous Bath resident Jane Austin. Original scraper board illustrations were created for the distillery marque, along with unique supporting storytelling illustrative landscapes showing Virginia surrounded by her travels for seeking the best ingredients. This illustrative landscape wrapped around bottle packaging and a family of products to provide a unique stand-out product

The new brand positioning took the packaging and the appeal of the product to a new level. Bath Gin is now on the shelves of major supermarkets around the UK and the potential of merchandising products as part of Bath’s global appeal has proved enormous.


  • Photography|
  • Illustration|
  • web design and build|
  • Branding|
  • Packaging design|
  • Packaging production|
  • Branded merchandise
The Bath Gin Company Logo: Gin Austin winkign through a cocktail glass
Branded cocktail glasses and a coaster from above on a slate bar
Illustration including Gin Austin in a bleu dress, a giraffe in a bowler hat, a peacock, lots of other quirky animals, trees and flowers
Illustration wrapping around three gin bottles
Barman pouring Bath gin into a jigger
Branded coasters
Branded badges
Desktop Browser Frame
Desktop Browser Frame
C-Biscuit cocktail with amaretto biscuit garnish
Daylight Shrobbery cocktail with basil and raspberry garnish
Winners Cup cocktail with mint garnish
Wylde Flower cocktail with pink edible flower
Cocktail with thyme garnish
Italian Stallion cocktail with dried orange garnish
Cocktail with lavender garnish
Cocktail with champagne effervescence