Royal Mail
Good and evil captured in a set of stamps

For over 10 years we have been designing stamps for Royal Mail, and each brief is unique in the requirements from a miniature piece of print.

The theme of Magical Realms was to contrast good and evil in well known fictional characters, and our task was to create our own interpretations of the characters working with the authors who created them.

We used 3D modelling to create real life characters that would sit alongside photographic representations, to create a visual story that would engage stamp collecting with a younger audience.


  • Image creation |
  • Stamp design |
  • Illustration
Stamps featuring Rincewind, Merlin, Nanny Ogg and Morgan  Le Fay
Large printed sheet of the stamps
Photo of the printed stamp pack
First day cover envelope with the stamp set placed in the top right
Photo of the set we built. Lots of potions and crystal balls, and an owl