Jersey Post
The queen’s platinum jubilee stamp issue

In June 2022, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee, the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne. To mark the anniversary Jersey Post are issuing a single £10 stamp on 1st June 2022, a day ahead of the planned bank holiday celebrations. This special stamp will form part of Jersey Post’s definitive range and will remain on sale for at least five years.

Our brief was to create a unique stamp and associated products, using an appropriate portrait of The Queen. Our research into the period when the young princess was in accession to the throne revealed unique portraits encapsulating the style and elegence of the period.

We used classic typography, regal flourishes and intricate embroidery detail from The Queen’s Corronation gown to embelish the portrait, using a range of unique printing processes for a stamp issue.


  • Image creation|
  • Stamp product design|
  • Special stamp design
Three different black and white portraits of the queen. Two show her whole dress and the third is a close up of her head showing the crown
Our treatment of the portraits adding delicate typography and illustrative flourishes
Black and white portrait of HM Queen Elizabeth taken in 1952 by Dorothy Wilding. It's against a solid black background, and on the left hand side you can see the print calibrartion bars.
Printed sheet of dozens of stamps showing the print techniques and perforations