King's College School

Founded in 1829 King's College School Wimbledon has a long history of academic success. A sequence of tired, uninspiring school rebrands led to our collaboration with the Headmaster to create a consitent brand which would evoke the schools traditions, heritage and vision for the future.

Our research and thinking led us to craft and develop the original King's lion, incorporating a refreshed stylised crest to take the school forward, and give the school's motto more prominence. The importance of the logo being able to be reproduced across a range of complex mediums, would help provide a consisent unified brand.

The final brand mark was rolled out across print, and screen mediums and more complex substrates such as granite and glass signage and various embroidered interpretations. The unified brand and has helped instill a new sense of pride throughout the school in the brand and its foundations for the future.