Jersey Post
Intricate hand-cut paper christmas stamps

Jersey Post approached us in 2018 with the idea of producing a set of Christmas stamps which depicted festive icons. We explored different creative interpretations of Christmas icons, but wanted to explore a different creative approach which would be unique for the habitants of Jersey.

The idea of intricate paper cut scenes was born: layers of hand-cut paper illustrations forming familiar Jersey landmarks intertwined with familiar Christmas icons. Each stamp received hours of delicate work. We carefully photographed each with its own colour hue. The stamps and associated products were rolled out, along with matching Christmas cards, and animated videos to promote the story.


  • Image creation|
  • Photography|
  • Stamp design|
  • Illustration|
  • Motion graphics|
  • Stamp product design
Artist's hand showing paper cutting on a mat
Photos from the set where the stamps were made. Layers of paper with glowing yellow light
First day cover envelope with the stamps across the top
Chistmas trees and jersey landmarks with yellow back light