Bisley Green Book
Made for life

We have collaborated with the team at Bisley for over 8 years developing the brand and communicating the company’s ethos and progressive product range. With climate change and rising carbon footprints high on the global agenda, it's important to outline Bisley’s green credentials and build on our original vision of Bisley Made for Life.

Bisley are a major UK manufacturer of steel and wood furniture and storage solutions for the workplace and home. Our brief was to create a Green Book outlining Bisley’s practices and targets to lessen their impact on the environment.

Our solution was to create printed impressions of leaves and natural matter on paper, steel and wood as a backdrop to higlight the social and environmental imact of Bisley’s manufacturing process. Bold typographic statements placed against these natural, hand crafted backdrops highlighted the pursuit of net zero emmisions across Bisley’s global operations.


  • Image creation|
  • Book design|
  • Digital assets|
  • Visual identity platform|
  • Animated assets|
  • Icons and infographics