A case for remembering

We are privileged to have been working with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation since 2008, after meeting Auschwitz survivor, Leon Greenman, who spent his life teaching of his experience and the horrors of the Holocaust.

Our work with the foundation initially was to raise awareness and help generate a perpetual fund of £150million which would help preserve and arrest the deterioration the Auschwitz-Birkenau site, and so act as a permanent reminder of the horrors suffered by those who perished there.

A fundraising campaign including a book and presentation material, delivered the hard facts, wrapped in sensitively composed imagery of the site.

The success of the campaign, targeted at high profile donors and heads of government, helped deliver the necessary funds to help preserve the site and its millions of personal artifacts.

Our ongoing commitment to the cause, has resulted in us being involved in the next phase of telling of the lifelong preservation work of the foundation.


  • Awareness campaign|
  • Book design|
  • Photography|
  • Print communications

“To this date, our collaboration with the Auschwitz-Birkenau Foundation has helped raise the target funds of £150,000,000 to secure and preserve the site for future generations. We are continuing to work with the foundation to secure future funding to preserve the memory.”

Auschwitz-Birkennau form a distance in the snow
A rail track towards Auschwitz
Barbed wire perimiter fence in snow and mist
Vast pile of wire fram glasses stolen from victims
The barbed wire perimiter and watch towers
Vast pile of the shoes stolen from victims
Stolen luggage from victims at Auschwitz