Act 1 Scene 1 - Prologue

So have recently created a set of beautiful, original illustrations for the Iford Arts Festival 2016. The illustrations were rolled out across various printed collateral including the collectable, annual programme.

If you were given the task of designing the printed collateral for a bespoke, yet internationally renowned, operatic festival preforming unique interpretations of classic performances, all housed in the Italianate cloister of the Peto garden within Iford Manor... What would you do? Take a deep breath, for a start.

We at So decided that the only way to portray this one-of-a-kind event was do something too that was unusual, unique, complex yet magical.

Act 1 Scene 2

We spent sometime with our clients at Iford Manor to get a feel for the festivals surroundings, but mainly to become more immersed within the world of 21st century performed opera. The process was a refreshing insight into the performing arts and evolved into a wonderful collaborative project of various design teams, promoters of the event and diehard Iford Arts team members, passionate to advertise the incomparable experience of Iford Arts Opera. It was important to experience the events surroundings and insure that it featured heavily throughout the design we were to propose.

From this understanding, and our experience at the manor, our final idea was to shrink the festival into a magical world within the depths of the garden that houses the event. Through illustration, typography and image creation we created whimsical, mixed media scenes to represent each opera at this years event, as well as the festival itself, in miniature format.

Opera programme cover

Welcome spread

Chapter spreads

Act 2 Scene 1

It was important to reflect the flavour of the festival through the images. We created each scene from the flowers and architecture within the Peto garden at Iford Manor. We then worked closely with the costume and set designers to capture the uniqueness of the three Iford performances; the dark and twisted essence of Macbeth, the lost, Peruvian jungles of The Magic Flute and the dreamy, enchanting, world of A Fairy Queen.

Whilst the scenery is created through textured, botanical style images of the gardens foliage and architecture, the characters are hand drawn illustrations, digitally coloured and immersed within each scene. With added cobwebs, dew drops and sparkle amongst an overgrown, miniature world, the images emit a fairy-tale like charm. Each illustration is also carefully constructed to look like a theatrical stage set, with the defined layers of the scene building up from the background, into the foreground. We rolled out the imagery across various printed collateral, including posters, tickets and programmes.

Campaign posters

Opera tickets

Finale - Epilogue

With the combined efforts of our designers, in-house illustrators and image creators, So are proud to have produced another bespoke set of illustrations for our cherished client, Iford Arts. We wish our client the best of luck with this years event and look forward to seeing what we can produce together next year.